17 September, 2014

The $100 door stop

I finally got my accounting from the apartment yesterday.  I was expecting all of my deposits to be refunded because I left that place in great shape.  At one point, however, I did manage to snap off the spring door stopper at the bottom of the front door.  I should have super glued it back on I suppose, because they deducted $100 for baseboard repair.  Well, one can't expect any less.  I am happy to get back what I did.  So I promptly spent a great portion of it on a pair of winter shoes or should I call them booties?  They're like oxfords but have a bit of a heel and good non-slip soles and will be good in the rain and snow.  Also a new DVD player that will stream Amazon Prime and Netflix.  That took a bite of out it.  I'm happy.

Tink was in rare form when I got home last night and after a nice long walk wanted to play and play and play!  I guess she was under the weather there for a couple of days, but back in good form now.  I wanted to get her a nice haircut this weekend, but they can't fit me in until the first Saturday of October so I guess I'll have to bathe her this weekend and give her a nice brushing and hope that'll do for a few weeks.

Crazy days -- it's Noon Knitting today but I've got to get the imaging faculty set up so I am going to miss part of it.  And Friday is the second exam.  Then only two more weeks of anatomy to go.  I know it's hard on the students, but it's no picnic for me either!  I am so exhausted all the time I can hardly manage to do anything after work but cook and read.  I didn't even knit last night and barely read a page before I was out.  Tonight I will watch Inside the NFL before I sleep, I hope.  Adrian Peterson is again off the team until his court date.  My fantasy opponent for this week's match up was frantically trying to get a trade going with me last night.  My back up QB is out, but I'm not worried about that.  My QB doesn't have a bye week until week 10, so I've got time (fingers crossed Aaron Rogers doesn't get hurt!!) to get a backup if RGIII doesn't get back in the game. 

The weather has stayed fine and warm.  It's going to be hot again this weekend too.  I love September!

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