03 September, 2014

It gets worse

After a grueling day - the first day of class is always a tough one - I was only looking forward to getting home, putting my closet back together at some point and relaxing with some knitting.  I stopped on the way home for some shaved Parmesan and some other things to make a really yummy pasta and headed home.  I walked in and remarked to myself how lovely everything smelled.  So flowery.  I didn't have anything special around to scent the place so it was a little strange.  I headed into my dressing room to put my things down and there I was met with yet another disaster.  I had put a few things up on the shelf  - maybe a bit precariously I admit, and the whole mess had come down on top of the already huge mess of clothes.  One of the boxes had some perfume in there and the bottle had broken .... oh, what a mess.  I did get it cleaned up but the scent is pervasive.  It's lovely, but a bit much.  I aired things out as best I could, but a huge storm was coming in and finally I had to shut some windows because of the wind.

By 7:30, with three braces in place, I was able to put my closet back together one (last?) time.  The boxes that fell are in a neat stack in the dining room waiting to be moved somewhere NOT my closet.  And the implicit understanding hanging in the air (along with the perfume) that if it falls another time some clothes must go.  *sigh*

I cooked a nice dinner along with a Caprese salad with fresh tomatoes.  Oh my, really .... it hardly gets better than that.  The only thing better is a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich with fresh tomatoes and real mayonnaise.  That we had on the weekend and it was such a treat.  The storm was huge and loud and we had lots of rain, but the sun is going to come out again later this week so I have hopes of a few more of those gorgeous tomatoes ripening before fall really gets a grip.

I've been driving to the Transit Center and then getting my second bus in to work from there.  All was smooth sailing until school started and now the traffic getting there is much worse and I had to run for it today.  I guess I'll have to start out a few minutes earlier next time.

Tonight I'm trying a new place for my hair.  We're going for another golf weekend at Alderbrook so I couldn't move my hair appointment from last week to this weekend and I've got to get it done.  It will be interesting.  I don't think she can mess it up too badly now, can she?  We'll see.

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