26 September, 2014

Squeaky steps

It's raining again, and almost every time someone walks by the office suite I can tell because of the squeaking of rubber soles.  I don't know if it's the coating or wax that makes this floor so noisy, but it's always been like that for all the years I've been here.  More people wear sport shoes now so it's even more pronounced.

I made it through the day yesterday but I was oh so tired.  I left my iPad at work (I know!) and even though I have Kindle on both my iPhone and iPad, it's not so comfortable to read on my phone, so I watched an episode of Outlander after the football game and early to bed.  I slept like a rock until the rain woke me up around 5.  It was pouring down and it's still so nice and warm that I can keep the window wide open.  I love the sound of rain when I am all snug in bed.  Not so much when I have to get up though.

Big plans for the weekend - football!!  I get to see a game in the new stadium and I'm very excited about it.  I flew through it in a helicopter when they had put the grass in -- oh, about two years ago I think -- but it's going to be exciting to actually get in there and sit down.  I think they're pretty good seats, too.

I had to cancel all of my appointments with my hairdresser at Derby.  I feel terrible about it.  I've been going to her for ages, but it is just too inconvenient now that I have moved to Woodinville.  I can't go on a weekday night because of the buses and it seems every Saturday I've got something on and I can't take four hours out of the middle of my day.  I was pleased with the job they did for me at the little salon near my new place, so I have to let Derby go.  I think I'll write her a nice card, since the last time I had my hair done she opened the salon on a Monday just for me! 

Oh I wish I could wake up!

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