24 September, 2014

Pouring rain and a sore throat

I came home last night, drew a nice hot bath, made some tea with honey and settled in to get better.  I put some eucalyptus oil in the bath, which was nice.  My throat is SO sore.  So annoying.  I took some Nyquil and hopped into bed with another cup of tea, watched a minute of TV and read for an hour or so before falling asleep to the sound of rain.  This morning is is pouring and I am working from home.  I had the good sense to bring my MacBook home with me last night.  It's a lot easier to type on this than on my iPad plus I can do real work.  And it's so nice and light.  I hate to miss noon knitting but I have got to get this gone.  I can't be down like I was in July.

The weather is still nice and warm, but oh so wet.  More like spring than autumn although the trees are finally starting to look like they mean business.  

Another YarnBox is on its way.  As if I need any more yarn.  But I forgot to discontinue the subscription in time.  And pretty soon it'll be cold enough for my heavier scarves and wraps.  I still haven't blocked the Venomous Tentacula.  I need to find my box of blocking mats, although I think I might have enough of the smaller ones to do this shawl.  Maybe if I'm feeling nearly normal this afternoon I'll give it a go.

In the meantime, time for another snooze.

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