09 September, 2014

The road back to good humor

Sleep deprivation does terrible things to me.  I am much better this morning thanks to a decent night's sleep.  Truth be told, I could easily have slept another couple of hours, but I'm doing okay.  There were two Monday night games on last night, but I only watched the early one, where my player was playing (badly).  I lost but I am 8th overall and that's NOT last.  And as I said, plenty of time left to work my way up the ladder. 

I really should start back up running.  Now that the weather is beginning to cool off.  It's still pretty darned busy work-wise but maybe next week I can get my routine going again.  It will help my state of mind as well.

Tomorrow I'm going to get my new phone battery.  Woohoo!  I am going to be happy to leave the big battery case at home.  I am expecting miracles.

I started exploring options for a weekend in Portland, Oregon.  I love getting on the train and riding down the coast.  It's a nice little city and very walkable.   I've decided on the week of October 26 so I think I'll buy the train tickets and wait a bit on the hotel.  I found a few but they are boutique and a little pricey.  I just mostly want someplace walking distance from the train station, and cute.  Yes, that usually means pricey too. 

It was raining this morning.  It's funny how rain sounds much different in the country.  Well, not funny.  Logical I guess.  The rain drops hitting leaves makes it sound like it is raining harder than it actually is.  The rest of the week we're  back to sunshine.  The tomatoes are loving it!

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