06 October, 2015

INSANE burger

It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend.  Of course since we were throwing yet another party, Saturday was spent mostly just cleaning and cooking and cooking and cleaning and not much enjoyment of the outdoors.  But Sunday, especially since the Seahawks played last night, was another story.  We got the rest of the tidying up done early, got the shopping done as well and as soon as the groceries were all stowed away we got Tinkerbell, popped the top on the Volvo and headed out to enjoy the weather.  Oh well, I set the Red Zone to record, of course.  Can't go an entire Sunday without any football. 

We decided to drive to Duval to have lunch outside and then walk a little bit around the town.  It's about the same distance from our place to Duval as it is to Woodinville and I like the quaintness of Duval better.  Plus there is a great pub where we can sit outside with Tink and enjoy some nice beer and some decent food.  On their specials menu on Sunday they had a King Burger which the wait staff were all quite keen on.  We were feeling adventurous so we decided to share one.  And what a mouthful it was!  A hamburger, bacon, and then a little peanut butter and sliced bananas.  I know it sounds crazy, but it was quite tasty.  I mean, I wouldn't have wanted an entire one, but half was quite a treat. 

In the afternoon we watched a lot of Red Zone.  Most of my fantasy players were playing except for the Seahawks players.  Marshawn was questionable and ended up not playing last night so, surprise surprise, I lost yet again.I am last.  This is the WORST year I've ever had.  It's still fun though.  And it's early days yet.  I haven't given up.

Yesterday I had a retreat - an entire day of meeting.  I was so tired as well because I had a  nightmare Sunday night and woke up at 4 am and couldn't go back to sleep.  I was a zombie by the evening.  I did watch the game, but I couldn't even knit, I was that out of it.  I slept great, thank goodness and I feel human today.

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