01 October, 2015

Filling in a few more blanks

Planning is something I really really enjoy.  Planning a trip is one of my most favorite things.  I saw pictures of the house we will be staying in Burgundy, but what to do in the second half of the trip?  Ah .... I think I have it.  A couple days in Rome to hit the high spots - Colosseum and the Vatican - and then the rest of the week back at the Cinque Terre, but this time we'll visit all of the towns.  I don't know now whether this will be before or after the week in Burgundy.  I do know for sure that Rome will be in the middle.  I don't really care for Rome but I think it's some place Ben should see and he'd probably really enjoy it.  And relaxing on both ends.  A perfect trip.

Here it is October already!  And still we are having beautiful and warm weather.  Not hot, but a beautiful Indian summer.  It's going to be quite a shock to the system when it starts getting colder.  It's already very dark in the morning and I need a flashlight to walk Tinkie.  We almost sneaked up on a rabbit the other morning, it's that dark outside.

My blanket is growing and I've got to find some new knitting needles to transfer it.  I am using my Denise needles and the long 52" cord, but as this blanket grows it is going to be getting increasingly heavy and I just know from past disasters that those needles are bound to come apart from the cord.  It's something about the way I lift and shift the project from my lap that does it.  I'm aware of it but even if I'm very very careful I know it's going to happen.  So that is right up there on my list.

We have a busy weekend.  We're throwing another party Saturday but only for 10.  It's kind of another going away party for Ben's cousin and his wife, moving to Utah at the end of the month.  Cards and dinner.  That means early to rise Saturday, lots of running around, cooking of food and cleaning of house.  I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing but football and knitting on Sunday.

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