23 October, 2015

Is everybody happy now?

It was over an hour after the game started that I was able to sit down and start the recording.  My fantasy app had alerted me that Marshawn Lynch had made a touchdown -- no I did NOT mean to look at it!  Ah well, it was good news.  The short story is that the Seahawks played really well and crushed San Francisco.  Finally.  The entire city of sports fans has heaved a long sigh of relief.  We are not cooked yet.

I had a really super lunch with an old friend yesterday afternoon before heading home.  It look me about half the time to drive home as it did to drive in to work.  I am glad I don't do it very often. 

The football game was too exciting for me to knit but I really have to buckle down this weekend and get some serious work done on that blanket.  I don't want to be knitting on it all winter!  I am getting bored already.  I need something interesting and I've got lots of yarn and wonderful patterns to go with it.  I am quite keen on starting the cardigan with but lace drapey fronts.  And I've got camel yarn and a stole pattern also ready to go.  And some lovely green yarn that I'd like to use to make another Venomous Tentacular.  *sigh* So many great projects and simply not enough spare time.  Maybe I'll start knitting during all of these ridiculous meetings.

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