12 October, 2015

Oh my goodness

Is there a correlation between how terrible my fantasy football team is and how bad the Seahawks are playing?  They were up 24 to 7 and ended up losing to the Bengals on the road!  In overtime!  Terrible.  And my fantasy team -- not only was Marshawn out with injuries but Alshon Jeffries as well PLUS a bunch of other good guys on a bye and Peyton Manning ..... done son.  I am going to have to bench him.  Pathetic.  I have never ever in all my fantasy time had such a sucky team.

On a positive note, I got tons done on the blanket this weekend.  I have finished the second of 5 gray bands and I am working on the second of four magenta ones.  It is so beautiful and it's going to be very soft and warm.

Saturday it poured down rain most of the day and I didn't do much else but get my manicure and do some grocery shopping.  Tinkerbell wasn't interested in a walk so I gave her a bath, which she needed.  Sunday it was beautiful and sunny and we went to Cottage Lake park and had a nice long walk before football.  I made some soup on Saturday and reheated it for dinner yesterday.  It was yummy but would have been better with a ham hock, but they were all out at the store.  I guess I wasn't the only one wanting to make soup on a rainy day!

I think the best part of the weekend was watching Wazzu beat up on the Ducks.  In double overtime.  That was fun.

It's going to be a long long week.

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