08 October, 2015

Sky high

My stress levels are sky high again.  I should just keep my knitting with me.  Noon knitting helped a lot yesterday.  Today though ..... I keep sighing and that's not good.  At least I didn't have another nightmare last night.  And I'll be sleeping soundly for the next 10 days because Ben's gone on a business trip.  Although I'm going to be very lonely.

I was very tired again yesterday.  It was all I could do to keep myself from putting my head down on my desk and taking a nap. I suppose because of all the stress and the rain rain rain and so I didn't do much of anything when I finally got home.  A shower, cleaned up the kitchen and baked a potato to have with leftovers.  It was quite yummy and then it was early to bed.  Tonight I've got the Husky/USC game after my late meeting.  I'll set it to record.  I hope it's not a blow out.

I got the ArtYarns Yarnbox yesterday and thank goodness I didn't get the brown or the green.  The yarn is super soft - cashmere and merino - and two complimentary colors of lavender.  Really beautiful.  I have so much yarn and so many projects I want to do but really, I MUST keep on with the blanket or I'll never finish it.  I am hoping I can get some good progress on it while Ben's gone.

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