07 October, 2015

The neighbors get a chicken coop

Our neighborhood has quite a few homes on acre lots and one cul-de-sac or normal sized lots.  On one of those, the corner one, the people have built a chicken coop and stocked it with fowl.  That of course include the rooster.  Thank goodness we are around the bend in the road and we can't hear that thing crowing, but imagine how their close neighbors feel.  I would be SO mad.

It's raining today so the traffic was bad, but I managed to catch my bus.  I have another busy day, of course, since that's the norm.  The support staff are nowhere to be found though, which ticks me off.  I have meetings today and I can't be handling packages.  Plus which I really don't know what to do about them ......  I sure hope the Administrator plans on showing up today.

I was awfully crabby yesterday and my mood isn't much better today.  I am burnt out and my vacation isn't until April ... how long is that?  Seven months?  Terrible!  I'll have to come up with something before then.Seriously.

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