02 October, 2015

My late Thursday

I am starting to really like Thursdays.  I do that have the late meeting from 5 o'clock until 6:30 or so.  But I get to leave work early and yesterday I had time for a little lay down with Tink.  I was SO tired!  I sure hope I can get caught up with my sleep this weekend.

The Thursday night football game was a real nail biter.  They're usually not that good but the Ravens took it finally in overtime, mostly because of the Steelers' terrible kicker, Josh Scobee.  He's so bad that the Steelers have been going for two point conversions rather than give him a chance to kick the extra point.  Wow

The Seahawks are on Monday night so my weekend is going to be incomplete, fantasy-wise.  My star RB, Marshawn Lynch, is still a game time call.  I can't believe my luck, really.  Last year I lose my first pick and this year my best RB.  It's good I paid my fee up front because it really hurts to have to come up with that money after losing!

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