09 October, 2015

The Huskies!

Oh my goodness, what a game!  The Huskies beat USC -- and their former coach!  And I was worried about it being a blow out.  The meeting went until after 7, then I had to walk Tink and get my dinner together so I was glad it was recording.  I skipped over the commercials and got to real time.  It was SO much fun. And I got to knit as well. 

Knitting is going to be tops on my list this weekend, along with doggie walks when it's not raining.  I want to make some decent progress on the blanket.  My only concern is hurting my hands, so I've got to make sure to take breaks and stretch them.

How happy am I that it's Friday?  I can't even say.  I've been busy and stressed and without any other people in the office suite, which I just hate.  I understand that if nobody else is here that people are going to ask me questions but I still hate it.  Oh well -- tick tock.

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