13 October, 2015

The mysterious plant

Directly outside of my office door, on the right, is a large cabinet.  Somebody left a houseplant on top of that cabinet.  I hope they plan on taking care of it, because I'm not a houseplant type of person and I am certainly not going to take care of it.  I love flowers, but a plant is just another thing to take care of and I have enough of that in my life, thank you. 

Do nothing Monday was completely do nothing.  I watched two movies and had smoked salmon and crackers for dinner.  It doesn't get much more do nothing than that, does it?  I didn't even watch the football game and good thing too, because my guy didn't get a single point.  I sure hope I do better this week.  It's embarrassing!!

It is now too dark to wear sunglasses on the bus.  I like having my protection, as it were.  At least I can wear my headphones no matter what.  Of course, I've got to have something to plug them in to ...... but even if I didn't I guess I could put the end into my pocket and nobody would be the wiser.

I'm crabby. 

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