15 October, 2015

Soothing Noon Knitting

Wednesday mornings before noon knitting I have a meeting.  It is one of the most dysfunctional groups and I inherited it.  I come out of those meetings feeling like every hair on my head is standing straight up!  I think it's the least favorite hour of my week and that's saying a lot because that means it's worse than my commute. 

Noon knitting then was just like falling into a big pillow.  Warm and comforting and soothing.  If I didn't have to take minutes, knitting in those meetings would be just the thing. 

It is getting cooler and I felt like roasted vegetables for dinner last night.  A perfect dish for a cool evening.  I had some Brussel's sprouts and a yam and peppers and an onion .... a couple of little red potatoes and fresh herbs from the garden.  Then I put some Italian chicken sausages on top and it was great.  I watched Inside the NFL and despite having to see the Seahawks lose again .... it was fun.  It's a big football weekend coming up.  The Huskies are playing the Ducks and are favorites to win (!) and Carolina is coming to play the Seahawks and they are also unbeaten, like the Bengals.  It's a very big game.  I have to make sure I'm home from Hood Canal in time for the game.

It's late meeting night tonight, so I am leaving work early.  Those meeting are now going until 7 pm.  That is crazy.  And for those folks in Montana and Wyoming it's 8 when it finishes.  That is a long long day.

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