26 October, 2015

Poor Tinkie

Friday when I got home I noticed that Tinkerbell was limping.  It had happened before, maybe last month, and within a day or so she was fine.  She does dash up and down the hallway, chasing her ball.  It is quite possible she just pulled a muscle.  But this was worse.  And despite dosing her with baby aspirin on Saturday and Sunday she was not any better.  My guess is that she has hurt her ACL.  Mickey tore his and it seems like the same type of thing.  Westies don't generally have the problem with degenerative hips like other dogs tend to do.  I wanted to wait and see on Saturday but now I've got to call the vet this morning and get her in as soon as possible.  I did some reading and perhaps we can avoid surgery and give a brace a try, at least for a while.  Some people have gotten good results with that approach.

Saturday I had a hair appointment and we had people coming over for pizza and cards, so that day was quite busy.  But Sunday -- all I had to do was grocery shop and then I spent the rest of the day watching football and knitting.  The dinner was cooking on its own.  Hours of Red Zone and several inches done on the blanket.  I am just three inches away from half way done!  I would like to work on it during the week too.  I haven't been very diligent there.

It's raining and supposed to rain most of the next two weeks.  But we will be turning the clocks back in a few days so at least the mornings will be a bit lighter for a few weeks.  It is pitch black when I leave now days. 

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