21 October, 2015

Oh this world we live in!!

I suppose I shouldn't really let these things bother me, but I do!  Yesterday was flu shot day here at Health Sciences and I went down after my second meeting to stand in line and get my shot.  There is a man who goes around the line making sure your insurance paperwork is filled out completely and correctly.  He got to me, went over my form, and then at the top drew an M and an F.  Then he turned the clipboard around so that it was facing me and asked me to circle the correct letter - male or female.  I looked at him and laughed.  I might have even snorted and rolled my eyes.  Seriously.  He said, "I can't ask and I can't assume."  Oh. My. God.  And this ladies and gentlemen is what our society has become.  And why oh why does it make any difference in the world for a flu shot??  Oh it makes me angry to think about it even this morning.  Grrrrrr ...

My afternoon was much less stressful than the morning and I had a good dinner to look forward to.  Frank and Shannon are moving to Utah to their new home tomorrow and this was our last dinner together.  We went to Chan's which is my ultimate favorite old fashioned type Chinese restaurant.  But we got there early and therefore were home before 7:30.  But I didn't feel like watching TV or knitting, so I had a nice shower and got into bed to play with my iPad.  I ended up re-watching some episodes of Saxondale.  I am, in fact, re-watching the entire series.  Hilarious.

Today is noon knitting and I've brought my blanket.  I don't know how much longer I'll be able to do that.  It is getting to be about 1/3 done.  I've finished two of five 9" grey sections and I'm nearly done with the second of four 4" sections.  I need to keep plugging along. I am seriously wanting to start another project but I don't dare.

Sports radio is all about the Seahawks and if they are cooked or not.  The game Thursday, tomorrow, against San Francisco is HUGE.  And it's in San Francisco.  *ahem* HUGE!!

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