30 October, 2015

Soup weather

It's not particular cold yet, but totally soup weather.  Yesterday was my late meeting day, so I got home earlier than normal.  After trying to interest Tink in a walk - not very successfully - I wound some yarn for Monika, since she doesn't have a swift and ball winder.  And then I got my first potato leek soup of the season ready for the pot.  My meeting went until a little after 7, so we didn't get to eat until nearly 7:30, but it was well worth the wait.  And I've got enough left over to freeze and have for another meal.  Yum!

I hope to have a quiet weekend, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.  I have to get Tink to the groomer at 9 Saturday morning, then a manicure and pedicure sometime in the morning and perhaps a trip to Triplehorn in the evening, although at this point I think I'd rather stay home and watch Husky football.

Sunday will be laundry and football, the Seahawks playing the afternoon game.  They're playing the Cowboys, who don't have their quarterback and are using a not-so-good backup.  We should beat them and if we want to have any chance at the playoff, had better beat them.  Fingers crossed.  And Sunday I should be able to get some good work done on that blanket.  I have a little more than half to go and I'm already pretty bored with it, although it is going to be SUCH a nice blanket.  The camel hair .... soooooooo soft.

My wanderlust is killing me.  I still don't have the dates for our spring trip and I am quite keen to start planning, if only to keep my mind off the next two months which, despite the holidays, are going to be grueling and hard and no extra days off for vacation since I have to save up for spring. 

My new iPhone is awesome and I almost have it set the way I want it.  I do love those moving photos and the 3D touch -- pretty cool.  Not to mention the color.  Oh and my favorite feature - the fingerprint ID.  That is very handy.

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