14 October, 2015

The spring trip!

Woohoo!  We're getting closer to setting a date for the spring trip.  Once all of the scheduling difficulties at my friend's pub have been sorted we'll have our dates.  Oh boy, and then the fun comes.  We are talking about six months down the line though ... so back to reality for me.

Somehow I thought it was later in the week yesterday but it was only Tuesday.  This week is dragging along but at least it's noon knitting today.  I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to bring that blanket in with me.  I guess as long as it fits into my bag I can bring it, but it won't be for much longer.

I don't know what was wrong with me yesterday but I wasn't hungry for lunch.  I didn't eat, which is very strange.  I hadn't had dinner Monday night so I was hungry when I got in and I had a little breakfast but lunch?  Not interested.  I did have a bit of dinner last night and managed to stay up after nine.  Tink was right ready for bed at 8 o'clock though so I was in there with her reading for an hour or so.  She is so funny.  When it's bedtime it's bedtime.  Her inner clock is amazing.

The heat came on this morning before I got up so that means it's getting colder, finally.  We are supposed to get into the 70s again Friday but I suspect that's the last of that temperature we'll see for a while.  Soon I'm going to have to start covering my windshield at night.  It has been quite nice this week driving the Volvo to the Transit Center because the Volvo lives in the garage. 

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