19 October, 2015

Ugly ugly ugly

The good news is that I am winning my fantasy match up.  The bad news is that not only did the Huskies lose against the Ducks (and I love a $10 bet) but the Seahawks lost at home against the Panthers, again giving up a significant lead in the 4th quarter.  It was awful!  Terrible.  We had to turn off the TV after that game.  No more football yesterday.  This week is a short week for them, playing the Thursday night game against San Francisco who have been worse than us this year.  I might not be able to watch that game.

Otherwise my weekend was fantastic.  Kate and Andy and I went to visit John at Hood Canal.  The weather was nice as in it rained only at night.  We had a terrific hike in the woods on Saturday and I not only baked a pie, but made a pot roast as well.  I did come home with a couple of bites - and I'm not entirely sure if they're mosquito or spider bites.  I don't really want to think too much about it.

Ben was home when I got home, after more than a week in Phoenix.  Next up he's off to Las Vegas.  Hopefully not for a few weeks though.  It's awfully lonesome all alone out there, even though I do get to eat what I want and watch stupid TV.  It's hardly worth it.

It is going to be a busy busy week for me.  I was happy that the 8 am meeting was cancelled today.  I hate having to get up and catch that early bus on Monday mornings just to listen to a meeting for 30 minutes.  It's hardly worth it.

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