22 October, 2015

Thursday night football

I drove in today and it took me for-freaking-ever!  I don't like to get on the freeway, so I drive around and they are working on 522.  It took me over an hour but I have a lunch appointment at University Village and then I go home early on Thursday (because of my late meeting) and it's very difficult to get a bus from U Village to Redmond Transit Center, so I drove.  It's just too bad about my meeting. I'll have the game recording but I know Ben is going to want to start it as soon as he gets home and ... well I'll be on the computer.  Maybe they will stop early tonight.  Maybe.

I'm nervous about the football game.  Silly, I know, but it's a big game.  A lot of consequences if they lose another one.  For either team actually, so I hope it's San Francisco.  They deserve it.

I got to hand off one of my meetings yesterday - and I am SO happy!  It was the one I hated the most.  You know how some people's voices just grate .....

What about the weekend?  I don't know.  Since the Seahawks are playing tonight I don't feel like I need to be tied to the TV.  I can keep up with my fantasy stats on my phone.  I'd like to help get the gutters cleaned out.  Get to Costco.  Maybe have a nice dog walk if the weather permits.  Ah, but it's only Thursday.

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