29 October, 2015

The "fun" of getting a new iPhone

After seeing several iPhone 6s phones I broke down and ordered myself an iPhone 6s, the rose gold color.  I knew from package tracking that it was going to be on the doorstep when I got home yesterday and I was quite anxious to get going.  I got the idea (erroneous as it turns out) that I would need to switch SIM cards from my old phone to my new phone, so I got on the AT&T chat line and initiated that process.  Unfortunately I didn't actually realize that my phone would be inactivated and I quite frankly am now thinking that the guy I was chatting with didn't know what he was doing.  I asked him quite clearly if, when he was done, I could go home, pop the old SIM card into the new iPhone and be ready to move things from the Cloud and he said yes.  Long story short - that is not the case.  Not only that, but I couldn't download the latest backup because the software wasn't the latest version, the one I had on my old iPhone.  So far though, the only thing I find that I can't do is download the book I am currently listening to.  It doesn't show up in the library.  I think that might be because it is residing on my old iPhone.  So I'll finish listening to that, then wipe the iPhone 5 and sell it on eBay.  But what a hassle getting a new phone turns out to be!  I forget because I do it so infrequently.  Oh!  And my voicemail is gone.  I need to find out how to get to it because someone left me a message yesterday.  Probably Tink's vet.

So that was my night last night - fiddling with the phone.  I get SO frustrated.  And I forgot to turn the heat off before I went to bed so I woke up gasping.  Ah well -- small price to pay for a pink iPhone, don't you think?

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