04 March, 2016

A running start

Whew!  This morning has been a race.  I got right up at 6 am, but I had so much to do before I could get on the road.  I did as much as I could do last night, and this morning got dressed and finished packing and loaded the car and put ice in the cooler and filled that and got Tink piddled.  We were only 10 minutes behind schedule, which isn't bad.  I had my regular 8am Friday morning meeting and I made it with about 5 minutes to spare.  After the meeting I went out and gave Tink a little better walk than the short one she got at 6:30 and she was able to finish her business.  Now I'm just waiting for the time to pass so I can get on the road.

On the road to Portland, where I'll pick Ben up at the store, and then we're off to Astoria for a long weekend - three nights!  The weather is cloudy but it's not actually raining and we have been getting sun breaks these past couple of days, so hopefully we'll get some of those as well.  I don't care, frankly.  I just want to be gone.  And at the ocean.  We'll go to Seaside and Tink will be able to play in the ocean and get all messy.  She loves to chase the seagulls and the foamy waves.

So tick tock.  Let's get moving!!

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