23 March, 2016


Oh how I am looking forward to not having to deal with traffic in the morning.  Thank goodness I take the bus.  But today there was an accident on the Montlake Bridge and we were stuck on the freeway for 30 minutes.  I know, it could have been worse.  But it was bad enough. 

Late meeting day yesterday so I worked all morning -- I have a million and one things to do -- and then headed out for home in the afternoon to get ready for my late meeting.  The sun was shining, which was a super nice bonus, and Tink was happy to see me.  She spent most of the afternoon outside waiting for rabbits to poke their heads out.  We have been seeing them.  Not tons but a few.  She is quite keen.

I had the entire evening to myself since Ben was out at an after work thing.   It was quiet.  I needed it.  A little TV, a little dinner, some knitting and early to bed.  I did get a good night but I'm sleepy this morning.  More tea!

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