16 March, 2016

Running around

Yesterday was spent running around.  Work is dead slow - as in spring break and nobody is around.  So it was a perfect day to work from home and do doctor visits.  First the eye doctor at Costco and then the dentist to get my new crown.  That was relatively painless and it is nice to have it done finally.  SO much more comfortable than the botched filling. 

Nobody was communicating from work and so I spent the afternoon cooking soup and getting my food ready for today and knitting.  And playing with Tinkerbell, who is incredibly frisky for a 12 (or is it 13?) year old dog.  I try to indulge her every time she wants to play.  I know she won't be around forever but I sure hope I get to enjoy her for a good while after I'm retired.

This is such an odd time of the year for me.  Or maybe it's because of the fact that I am seriously counting down the days until I can retire.  I think of those six months I spent in Paris in 2000 whenever people ask me if I won't be bored when I retire.  Was I bored EVER when I was in Paris?  No.  I always could find something to do.  Sometimes it wasn't anything too exciting - like lay on the couch and read.  But I took French class and I went to the gym and I walked and walked and it was a wonderful life.  I think this time around it's going to be even more wonderful.  It would be much easier to take these last few months if it was busier here at work, but that can't be helped.  I will soldier on.  Right now the trip is my focus.  Although I was realizing that it's now 6 months until my birthday so I do have some things I can start getting in motion, retirement-wise.

Noon knitting today.  We have very few sessions left with MaryEllin.  Lucky duck.

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