17 March, 2016

How I know it's still winter

It's freaking cold, that's how!  There was ice on my windshield this morning and the heat went on before I got up.  Cold!!  This Sunday is the first day of spring so this weather is on its way out, but we have weeks and weeks before any decent heat.  And I suspect many weeks of rain as well. 

My early Monday meeting was moved to 5 pm yesterday so I got to go home early to prepare.  Tink needs her walk and I need to ... uh .... not be here.  Anyway we got the meeting done in a little over an hour, which is nice.  And then a hot hot shower.  I know ... I can't warm up!  I didn't make a fire last night though.  It wasn't raining.  I'm almost half way through with the new Noro Shiro shawl I"m doing.  I am putting in a row using some ArtYarns stuff with beads and sequins.  And I am regretting holding a silver strand of that same yarn along with a darker green a few repeats back.  But it's too late to tink back so I just might have to cut it out.  I can't decide.  I'll wait until I block the thing and it's finished and I've got the ribbon pieces tied onto it.  I want it to be a little Boho.

What else?  Not Friday again.  Next week should be a bit better but everyone is taking time off this week and it's like a morgue around here.  Except for SOM meetings.  They go on and on and on.  I have one at 9 am today.  Only one meeting today.  Oh!  And my early morning meeting is cancelled for tomorrow as well.  Tomorrow there is nothing going on.  Nothing except a reminder to send out.  Countdown - 5 months and 17 days.  107 working days, 7 hours and 40 minutes. *sigh*

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