10 March, 2016

I know what time frogs go to bed.

The frogs are really really loud these days.  We have a ravine at the back of the property and at certain times of the year the frogs are singing up a storm.  Not only do we hear them at the back, but across the street and behind those houses you can hear them as well.  Such a loud chorus that last night I could hear it in the house, despite the raging rain storm.  And then I went out to get some more wood for the fire at 8 o'clock and it was silent.  Boom!  From loud enough to hear inside to nothing.  Weird, huh?  I thought so anyway.

So the storm yesterday was intense.  Very rainy and windy.  On the potty walk this morning I could see blue sky, but on the way to the bus the wind was whipping the trees and I got nailed a couple of times.  I am alone tonight so I sure hope it settles down by the time I get home!  It's scary enough.

Happy Not Friday.

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