25 March, 2016

Four weeks!!

Oh woohoo!  We are getting closer and closer.  One more month until vacation and I am very ready.  I am so impatient at work these days.  Everything bugs me, but mostly stupid people. 

Ben came home yesterday with such a scratchy throat.  A bad cold.  Not good.  BUT ... much better than coming home with a cold closer to the trip.  Now if I get it I should be 100% by the time we leave.

What's on for the weekend?  Probably nothing.  Dog walks and some knitting.  It is going to depend upon the weather.  It is a little early for gardening but clean up is always something that can be done. 

And plenty of sleeping for me.  I am tired.   Of course, I haven't had breakfast yet.  I am going to run today so fingers crossed it's not pouring outside at noon.

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