09 March, 2016

I am powerless

I don't know why, but when I get some new Noro yarn I just need to knit it up!  Right away!  So despite having the Dune wrap on my needles AND the lace front cardigan, I started another wrap yesterday with the 10 skeins of Noro Shiro I got from the Wool Watcher deal.  I found a sideways pattern so that I can use all 10 skeins and have a nice big wrap, like the Venomous Tentacula, which I wear all the time.  In fact I need to wash and block it again.  That's how much wear it gets.  I bought that gorgeous pink face suede coat a few months ago and I'm going to use that as my spring coat.  I made that swing knitted scarf last year this time for my trip and I'm making this one as well for the trip.  Both will go nicely with the coat.  Maybe I'll bring them both. 

Yesterday was my short day because of my evening meeting.  Tink was rather keen for a walk when I got home, which is unusual because that's in her prime sleeping time and she typically prefers to wait.  But not yesterday, which was fine with me.  I got her walked and then got my new project started.

While my evening meeting was going I got everything prepped for cauliflower bisque.  Such a good soup.  And I even had fresh parsley for it.  Although it's better with fresh crab. 

Noon knitting.  Only four more times with MaryEllin and then she'll be gone - retired.  And tick tock for me.  I cannot wait, in case you're wondering.  NOT for her to retire.  Me.

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