08 March, 2016

Yay! It's Tuesday

Friday was a half a day for me, since we were heading out to Astoria, Oregon by way of Portland.  I drove in, did my 8am meeting, then went to the parking garage to give little Tink a walk.  And then at noon we headed out for the drive to Portland.  I was listening to my book, "Little Lives" which is a very intense book, by the way.  VERY intense.  We ran into a little weather on the way down, but it was intermittent.  It would rain, then stop and then rain again.  Tink was a very good girl and we only had to stop once, and that was on me.

We got Ben at 3 and then headed to Astoria, getting there at 5.  Five hours in the car for that poor dog.  I felt so sorry for her, but she's a trooper.  We didn't do much - had a little dinner and watched a movie and went to sleep.  However.  However ... Tink was not having it.  She got the gurgling stomach thing and I had to get up to walk her in the POURING rain and wind so hard it nearly blew me over.  Thirty minutes trying to find her some greens to eat.  She found just a bare little bit - the place was newly landscaped so the amount of weeds and edibles for her stomach upset were few and far between.  Back in the room for an hour or so and then Ben took her out.  Same deal.  Then again at 4:30 and then again at 7:30.  Which you might as well call morning, yes? 

The thing is, all of the wind had blown the clouds away so it was sunny and we had a (crappy) breakfast at the hotel and headed out down the coast.  We had a nice walk at Seaside and then continued on down, finally stopping at Rockaway or whatever it's called for a nice lunch.

Poor Ben wanted live music but we could not for the life of us find a music club because ... oh, I don't know, THEY DON'T EXIST ANYMORE!!!  We did go out Sunday to listen to music but it was so gawd awful even Ben didn't want to listen to it.

It was lovely having all of Monday to get home and get settled in.  I got my manicure and pedicure, got the laundry done, the grocery shopping done, my lunch ready for today and dinner done.  Then I got to sit down and catch up to Once Upon A Time - new season started Sunday - and get some knitting done.  I did get the Noro Shiro I had ordered and now I'm wondering if I should start something new with that before I finish up my other two WIPs.  I'd like maybe a big new spring scarf for the trip which is .... wait for it .....7 weeks away!!!!

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