22 March, 2016

That darned courtyard

I was looking forward to my run yesterday.  Now that it looks like I'm back on track, I am eager to get my wind back and most importantly, to get my strength back so that I can start really really enjoying my runs.  So even though it was raining in the morning, it looked like it had stopped when I checked outside through my office windows, which look onto the courtyard.  I changed, stretched, and headed out.  Ah, but then I stepped out the door and it was raining!  I did not have my hat.  I was not wearing my waterproof jacket.  I did know though that if I went back into the building to get my hat I most likely would talk myself out of going out at all, so I soldiered on.  I did have a hood on my jacket, but without strings to hold it in place.  I just kept it on as best as I could and went for an abbreviated run, turning around at 1 mile rather than a mile and a half.  The good news is that I was able to run .7 miles without stopping, which is awesome considering this is only the third time out.  The bad news is that I returned soaked to the bone.  But clothes dry and I am very proud of myself for getting out there.

It was a busy day, all in all.  It is my three meeting day.  Today is my late meeting day so I am going home at 1:30 or so.  And that confused me this morning so much so that I went out without my lunch.  I was going to take a frozen meal for a change.  No matter.  I can go to the salad bar.  But still ... I get confused easily at 6:30am. 

My train tickets were making me crazy yesterday but I have now gotten to the bottom of the confusion and I am 99% sure I have all of my reservations straightened out.  To make positive sure, I'm going to print everything out this week, if I can find the time, and make my travel book now.  Then I can enjoy the month of anticipation.

My shawl that I am working on at home is going to be huge.  I like big shawls though.  They can be used as blankets almost.  Very handy for traveling.

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