24 March, 2016

They are back

The bunnies are back in force.  I have seen an odd one now and again in the back where the entrance to the burrow is, but this morning I saw a smaller one in the front.  Tink, thank goodness, hadn't actually caught sight of it, although I know she had the scent because she was going crazy sniffing around.  It is rather exhausting, trying to walk her in the morning when she is more interested in chasing rabbits. 

Noon knitting was relatively quiet yesterday.  Diana seems to be still out sick, or rather out again, and it was MaryEllin's penultimate session.  I am working away on the Dune, although I should really get that lace front cardigan going again.  At home I have been feverishly working on the Noro wrap that I am intending to take with me to Europe -- although it is so darned huge.  You know me, I love to make the large wraps.  Is this really something I want to drag around Europe with me though?  The jury is still out.

Not Friday .... no running this noontime.  I've got to get to Northgate to pick up my Clinique order and get some Chanel makeup at Nordstroms.  If I do it at lunchtime then I don't have to fight the crowds at the mall on the weekend. 

Well, time to dig in.

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