28 March, 2016

The quietest weekend

I cannot remember a quieter weekend in years.  Poor Ben was sick in bed for the entire weekend with a bad bad cold, sore throat, cough ..... and that left Tink and I at loose ends.  Nobody to play with and terrible weather. 

I ran errands on Saturday - Costco, a walk in the park despite the nasty weather, dry cleaners, grocery store .... the whole deal.  And then I spent the day knitting.  I am nearly done with that shawl, huge as it is, since I spent Saturday AND Sunday knitting.  Saturday I put together a big pot of chicken soup which Ben worked on.  I think he had it four times, but maybe six.  I think he's done with chicken soup.  It did some good, but he's still sick and home today.  I sure hope I don't get it.  I am going for some probiotics today, at my sister's insistence.  She swears by it.

Today while I'm shopping for the supplements I'm going to get a folder for my trip documents.  I think I should get them printed out and checked this week.  I had such a time getting all of my reservations and the dates correct that I want to double and triple check the printed documents.  Oh I am getting anxious.  I want to be gone gone gone!

Three meeting Monday.  I am in the midst of of the first one.  Oh it is going to be a long long four weeks.

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