03 March, 2016

I'd better check myself

I was in a rotten mood yesterday, despite it being noon knitting day.  And I only had one meeting.  Nevertheless I was just crabby.  And I'm thinking .... I'd better start being nicer to people!  I can't be snide and snarky and sassy and frown all of the time.  My days are numbered here.  How many?  Counting today 118 working days.  That takes into account the vacation days and holidays between now and September 2.  Still .. quite close to double digits.  If I want any kind of send off besides a kick in the butt, I'd better start being nicer!!

Not to say that I am overtly nasty, actually.  I just had a bad day yesterday.  And for no apparent reason other than meeting overload and stupid people overload and rain overload and maybe ... just maybe this diet is getting to me.  I am not starving myself.  I am losing weight.  I enjoy my meals even, but this diet commands constant time in the kitchen!  Gone are the days and/or evenings when I could just say "Oh heck, let's just have a pizza".  Or eat some nice Indian food from the freezer.  Everything has to be prepared and weighed and it just gets very very tiring.  Yes, I could buy more frozen meals.  That is definitely a way to go.  It's just that my fresh salads are much more appealing than a frozen entree.  Same with my fresh, albeit frozen, quiche.  Or scrambling myself a couple of eggs with veggies the night before and taking them for breakfast.  Cheaper and tastier.  Well here's how I look at it.  It took me two years of being a slob and eating what I wanted and drinking WAY too much and not exercising to get here, so three months of this isn't too bad of a payoff.  I'm just whining.

So today is only a single meeting day as well!  Wahoo!  And I don't have to take notes so I can knit on my socks.  I'd like to finish them so I can get a pair going for Ben since he -- and I have no idea how -- put a hole in the ankle area of those gorgeous socks I made him a couple of years ago.  And then nothing much else.  Tomorrow morning will be busy with a long meeting and getting out a few reminders and then, noon, I'm off to Portland to pick up Ben and then we're heading to Astoria for a long weekend.  Ahhhh..... the Oregon coast.  Love it!

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