11 March, 2016

So much color

I need to think of someplace to take Tinkerbell this weekend for a walk in a garden.  It is so so SO pretty this time of year.  The cherry trees and the plum trees and all of the other trees are blooming.  Of course it's aggravating my asthma because the wind has been whipping all of that pollen into the air.  In fact I had to take two puffs yesterday.  But it is all so gorgeous!  The cherry trees in the Quad are all blooming - maybe we can come to the campus this weekend to enjoy them.  As long as I have my inhaler .....  AND I noticed that the rhodies are starting to bloom as well.  If it's not raining we will go for sure.

Other than that I've got nothing in stone for the weekend.  I do need some new shoes.  The suede boots I bought before vacation last spring are trashed.  Of course, I walked for three straight weeks in them in Europe but in fact I think they were just poorly made, as in cheap.  Then the shoes I've been using as walking shoes are also trashed.  I noticed that one of the heels has pulled away from the sole.  And finally, my awesome silver cowboy boot/mules are also thrashed.  Maybe a trip to DSW this weekend?

Ben as in Spokane last night so I made a fire, kept it going, and knit for hours.  Tinkerbell was rather antsy though and I had to keep getting up and letting her out into the back and then the front.  I think the rabbits are starting to come out, although we haven't seen a single one yet.  She smells something though.  Shrews maybe.  Or mice?  For sure the critters are starting to show up.  It won't be long now.

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