14 March, 2016

Big storm and no power

Saturday was a nasty day.  Cold and wet.  We skipped the trip to see the cherry blossoms and instead went to the DSW at Northgate, since it is larger than the closer one in Redmond.  I scored a pair of awesome Lucky Brand short boots and a super comfy shoe/sandal which will be great for the trip and any other time.  I can wear them with or without socks.  And then grocery shopping and that was about it.  A nice fire in the evening and a movie and lots of knitting.  Dinner was yucky though.  We bought some salmon burgers which looked good but were, in fact, terrible.

Sunday a big storm was brewing and it was the first day of Daylight Savings Time.  We got to Costco and pick up a few things and people were buying generators.  And then we sent to Safeway to get a few things I had forgotten and it was swarming with people stocking up on Presto Logs (us as well) and other things, getting ready for the storm.  We thought it might have missed us since it was alternating sun and clouds until about 2:30 when the heavy winds showed up.  And by 3 pm our power was out.  I moved the pot roast from the slow cooker to the stove and we got the fire going.  We didn't get the power restored until 5:10 am.  It was a cold night.

So what's up for this week?  Eye doctor Tuesday.  I get my permanent crown in on Tuesday.  And meetings.  And counting down until vacation -- six weeks.

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