02 March, 2016

Check and double check

Yesterday I went over my Europe reservations again to make sure I had all of the train reservations.  I do.  And that they are the correct days.  They are.  Now I am super paranoid about it, of course. 

It was my short day yesterday - or should I say my broken up day.  That is more accurate.  And pouring down rain.  Even though I was carrying an umbrella and wearing a knee length coat, my pants were wet by the time I got to the bus stop at the freeway.  And then for what?  We had a very poor showing at the meeting and I had to listen to someone drone on for the entire hour, going over something that we all could have just read for ourselves.  Ugh

But dinner was good and easy to prepare.  I worked on the Dune wrap, which I have brought to noon knitting today.  I should really just keep on with the lace front cardigan.  I can't move on to another cardigan until I finish that.  Well I'll have an entire evening to myself this week - Thursday - so I can hopefully get a good hour or maybe even two into it.  Then Friday at lunchtime I'm driving to Portland and then we go to Astoria for a nice long weekend!  I know the weather is going to be crappy, but what else do you expect in early spring -- well, it's really not even spring yet -- on the coast.  It'll be fun and Tink will love it. 

Wednesday -- it's still only Wednesday.  I have a meeting at 9 and noon knitting and in between........ plenty of work.

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