21 March, 2016

First Day of Spring

I have a vase of daffodils on my dining room table at home and they are so fragrant.  I needed that this weekend, the first day of spring on Sunday, to remind me of spring.  It was cloudy and rainy.  I was SO looking forward to sunshine after Thursday and Friday.  But there was no sunshine and it put me in a deep funk.  I couldn't face cleaning the house on Saturday.  I got my manicure and pedicure and we went to the Triplehorn where I had a diet Coke and watched Ben drink a couple of beers.  I was hankering for a taco salad, one of the things I can eat out with impunity on my diet, and we met the family for dinner.  I was satisfied and, since I was having such a bad day, I treated myself with a shot of tequila.  Ahhhhh ...

Five weeks until our trip.  Five weeks.  I am getting so excited.  I stopped by Costco on Sunday and bought a pair of glasses with transition lenses to take on the trip.  I thought it would be nice to have a single pair of glasses I could have to wear on day trips rather than having to drag around an extra pair of glasses each time we go out.  And the glasses are very different from my regular glasses.  It's nice to be able to have a spare look.

So yesterday ended up being the big chore day.  Cleaning and laundry.  Again, not a nice day to be outside although I couldn't stand it and took Tink for a nice walk at Cottage Lake Park in the mist.  She loves it there.

I turned the corner with the shawl I'm working on and now I am decreasing.  I did a nice stripe with the bead and sequin yarn.  Very pretty.

Three meeting day.  Ick

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