29 July, 2016

It's already too hot

It is SO hot in my office.  I'm wearing leggings and a little dress but I am feeling like I am over dressed.  We need to get a fan in the doorway blowing some of that air conditioned coolness into this suite.

Today I should be able to copy the development website to its new home.  It all depends on how comfortable Kate feels with it.  I want to get it done so I can do my things and she can get it all set for copy out next Friday.  I would really like to skip coming in next Friday since I'm flying out at 2:30, which means getting to the airport BEFORE 12:30 plus I've got to drop my car at a parking lot.  So that means I'll have to leave here at 11:30 at the very latest.  And I'm going to be coming in late because I can't drop Tink at the Doggie Care Resort until 7:30.  Therefore I'll only have a couple of hours on Friday to take care of any last minutes craziness. 

It was too hot to knit or wind yarn last night.  If it doesn't cool down soon I guess I'll just wind up that pretty silk and make the scarf and wait until it cools down even more before I start the cashmere cardigan.  I can always frog that lace front cardigan if I really need a yarn fix.

Nothing much on this weekend.  The new satellite service is being installed Saturday and for chores we've got to take the hazardous waste to the site and get the shelf for the closet in the office/guess room.  I really feel like having company but Ben doesn't feel like it so that's okay.  He has been working awfully hard and traveling as well.

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