02 July, 2013

A real summer

What a treat to actually have the beginning of July be so nice and sunny and warm!  Well, hot actually but who's complaining?  Since I had my workout in the early morning yesterday I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and took a stroll around the campus at lunchtime.  The medicinal herb gardens are in full glory as are the roses around the fountain.  It was just perfect yesterday and I am SO so so so happy that I have gotten back into the morning running and don't have to get all hot and sweaty at lunchtime any more.  Yesterday I did finally get the hang of running on the treadmill and didn't use the hand rails.  That gives the experience a little more reality although I will have to go out and run on a path for a few times before I actually do another race.  It is a quite different experience.  Yes your legs are doing a running movement but on the dirt or path or pavement it isn't moving as well. 

I had a long list of chores and things I wanted to accomplish when I got home, number one being soaking and pinning out the Indian Feathers shawl.  But oh my was it ever hot in the apartment and after walking Tinkerbell all I wanted to do was recline and let the fan blow cool air on me.  Plus I had a load of dishes to run and dinner to make and it didn't seem like such a good idea to have the wet shawl on the floor while I was trying to do other things.  So tonight, since today is a fast day and dinner will be only a cup of soup, I will get that pinned out.  Surely it will dry over night in this heat.  I also need to pack up what few things I need for the long weekend, but that shouldn't take long.

Knitting was on my list last night but the heat made it not such a good idea.  At least not this project with the Shiraito.  Even with a fan blowing directly on my hands I wouldn't have been comfortable with that little bit of wool in my lap.  So I was idle and watched some TV, trying to catch up on the programs on my DVR.  The new season of Necessary Roughness has started so I got one episode done before I had to head to bed. 

It seems that the one fan in the kitchen blowing through is the best way to stay cool.  I had the tower fan blowing from the other direction onto the bed but it is noisy and finally woke me up when it started to squeal.  It has been getting a workout.  Tonight I'll just stick with the one and see how I do.  And then from Wednesday on I'll be in the country and it'll be only birdsong to keep me awake rather than food delivery trucks and garbage trucks.  Ahhhh ......

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