30 July, 2013

Tinkerbell the model

On Sunday in the square at my apartment complex there was another themed party.  This one was "Afternoon in Paris" or something along those lines.  There was a jazz combo playing Cole Porter tunes, a food truck serving crepes and a caricature artist doing drawings.  I was busy and didn't get out there but Tinkerbell got a stroll through the square and I got this adorable picture!  I just love it!  I walked up to the Ave yesterday and bought a mat and a frame for it.  Now to find the perfect place on the wall.

Most of the dogs in the complex are good - or rather, their owners are good.  But always there are idiots with dogs they should not have.  There are three BIG huskies or malamutes ... I am not sure ... owned by three small Asian students.  Those dogs are out of control and every time they see Tink they lunge and come for her.  Monday night one of them got away from its petite owner and ran straight for us.  We were on the stairs and the big dog came to us and pinned Tink to the side of the stairs.  The dog's owner was right behind it and I yelled at the girl to keep control of her dog!  The other two dogs were straining at the lead and their owners could barely keep them from joining us on the steps.  It was scary.  Again last night I ran into one of them and the dog, again, was doing its best to break away from the owner to charge at us.   I don't know if complaining to the management would do any good.  What can they do?  So I will just have to avoid them whenever I can.  It is a disaster waiting to happen though.  And I am sure those dogs aren't only going after Tinkerbell. 

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