18 July, 2013

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

I know it is going to get very busy at work but right now it's not so busy and I am having a hard time self-starting.  It's another morning with low clouds and plenty of humidity and frankly I'd rather be in bed catching a few more winks.  But .... I'm not. 

Yesterday was this way as well.  Even Tink was low energy.  Tuesday night she had me playing ball for a long time but last night she wasn't interested in doing anything.  Her normal walks, of course, she is always up for that.   Otherwise she was just snoozing on the floor while I made dinner and did a little knitting.  I was going to try to catch up on "Necessary Roughness" but I wasn't in the mood.  I made a lovely dinner of Trader Joe's crab cakes and some roasted asparagus.  I was SO looking forward to a nice, crisp Cameo apple for dessert but it was mushy!!  I HATE mushy apples.  I cannot eat them.  I put the other two in the refrigerator to slow them down a bit but I think I just got some bad ones again.  I haven't been having much luck with apples lately.

I have been very spoiled with the sunshine.  Please come back soon!!


speattle said...

TJ has crab cakes? Cool!

Shelley said...

Oh yeah. They are so good! I bake them.