12 July, 2013

Paper on the windows!

For several months now I have been eagerly awaiting some sign that the work was starting on the new pub at the south end of the complex.  Finally yesterday evening I noticed that several of the windows were covered.  Oddly, another storefront on the north side of the most southerly building is also seeing some action.  Maybe we're getting two new businesses.  The pub will be most welcome, especially if they can get it done before football starts.  As for the other business .... I think a grocery store of some kind would be awesome but because the rents are so high there I doubt that is what it will be.  A dry cleaner would also be welcome but again - I doubt it.  I only know about the high cost of the retail spaces because the woman who owns the nail spa on Lake City Way has been talking to me about it. She wanted to open a spot there, but the rent is outrageous!  So we will just have to wait and see.  But it's exciting!

It was cooler yesterday and it was a welcome change.  It is going to start getting warmer and warmer beginning tomorrow but for today it's going to stay in the mid-70s.  I'm going to the Mariner game tonight.  I was hoping for a little bit warmer experience but it's going to be loads of fun no matter what.  Now I just have to decide if I'm going to get peanuts or garlic fries!

I had a dull evening with no knitting last night.  I wanted to knit but I didn't get my dinner until 7, then it was a dog walk and a few phone calls and I was beat!  I had to get up for my run this morning and I was out like a light at 10.  Unfortunately I woke up at 5 and couldn't get back to sleep!  Arghghgh!  I hate when that happens.  Nevertheless I had a super awesome run on the treadmill.  I remembered my inhaler and that helps a lot.  I am quite wheezy lately - allergies I suspect.  I was able to do the entire 30 minutes on 5.  My goal is to get it up to 6 before my race in September.  Plenty of time.  Maybe even 6.5??

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