09 July, 2013

Tomorrow ....

I know I promised a picture of the finished (and fringe-y) shawl but that is the one thing I didn't get around to last night.  By the time I finished chores and phone and hair I just wanted to crash in front of the TV and watch something mindless.  I am working my way through the backed up episodes of the few programs I do record.  "Necessary Roughness" is the one I'm working on now.  Since it hasn't gotten very far into the season yet I am only now one episode behind.

I did manage to get a few more rows knit on my Mobius Cowl.  It was warm but not too warm to knit and it is such a perfect TV knitting project.  I am not yet done with the first of four skeins and the temperature is on the rise again so I may have to put it away and find myself a project with non-fuzzy yarn.  I am getting my portable air conditioner tomorrow and that should do much to keep the apartment knit friendly.

The air conditioner is going to help me to sleep, not only by keeping the place cooler but allowing me to close my large slider which effectively opens up almost half of the wall space at the end of the apartment, which is right above the plaza and the fountain.   And with that slider open the noise from the movie theatre and the trucks that park out there and unload food for the restaurants is much louder because it echoes off the wall.  I will be keeping that window closed and it will be so much better.  I was losing my mind last night.  I must have been awakened three times at least by people either coming out of the theatre or laughing and talking in the square.  There is a large plastic chess set on the plaza.  The pieces should be put away before 10 but sometimes they are not so there are either noisy games going on or people playing (kicking mostly) the plastic pieces around.  It is very annoying, as you can imagine.  Especially when you're tired and want to sleep.  Well I'm exhausted today so hopefully I will drop right off tonight and stay that way.  Maybe I'll close that window and turn on the fan.  Wednesday is one of my early (5:45 am) mornings.

My sis is all moved into her new apartment in Santa Monica so yesterday I made a reservation to go down to visit with her in August for a long weekend.  I'll be here for my birthday, then on Friday the 9th fly out in the morning and come back Tuesday night.  That way I'll be here with my football buddies to watch the first pre-season Seahawks game.  How thoughtful of them to have it on my birthday this year.

It is supposed to get over 80 degrees today but it is comfortable now.  I should work while I can.

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