23 July, 2013

Knitting mojo

It disappears in the summer sometimes.  It's not just me that it happens to either.  I think I've done better this year about not letting it really take hold.  Last night though I didn't even look at my project bag.  I was wiped out from a bad night Sunday and even though I had great plans for doing some housework and prepping some berries, I actually did nothing more than laze around on the couch. 
And there's nothing wrong with that!  I did get an awesome dress - one I saw in a catalog and just HAD to have.  The good news is that it's just as cute or even cuter than the picture!  The bad news is that it's too cool to wear to the luau/BBQ I'm going to on August 3rd.  I want to save it for my trip to California and my birthday party down there.  So now I'm going to have to find something else to wear to the party.  It's not that it's too dressy.  But this is going to be a BBQ which equals sauce and I am notorious for getting food on my clothes.  I would hate to ruin it before I get to California. I love the color and those ruffles! 

It's supposed to be hot today and tomorrow - in the 80s again.  I don't mind.  It's better than Phoenix, which is crazy hot!  My poor friend McG has had to work from 4 am until noon because it's too hot for his crew to be out working.  I don't know how they stand that.  I suspect there's not much knitting being done.

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