10 July, 2013

The fringiest!

I am SO in love with this scarf/shawl .... wrap ... whatever you want to call it.  The silk yarn drapes perfectly and the beaded fringe tinkles!  I used little brass beads and they act like bells.  The unfortunate part is that the fringe tends to get tangled up with each other but it's a small price to pay for such hippy goodness.  It will be a challenge to wear on the bus.  In hindsight perhaps I shouldn't have made the fringe so long but it just looks so cool!  If it is really unwearable as it is then I can easily shorten the fringe but I'm going to try it as is.  When?  I don't know.  For now it lives on my evil twin (AKA my dress form) along with the other beautiful shawls that I cannot bear to shove into the closet.

Tinkerbell's eye is looking good one day and not so good the next.  She was rubbing it last night and it looks like she opened the scab again!  But it's not infected and the reason she was rubbing it was because it was gooey near the inner eye.  Not bad, but it had hardened and that was causing the hair to pull.  So I cleaned it up in the evening and she was looking quite good this morning.  I would like to avoid taking her to the vet again.

I closed the slider last night and put on a fan to blow into the bedroom.  I couldn't face another night of noise and sleeplessness.  The fan works great but tonight .... tonight I get my portable air conditioner!  I probably won't need it tonight since it's not going to be hot today, but at the end of the week we're supposed to be in the 80s again so it will be quite handy.  But even though I had quiet and I was tired I couldn't drop off.  It was nearly 11 before I fell asleep and my alarm goes off at 5:45 on workout mornings!  I was feeling just fine and jumped right up and was running by 6.   Thankfully I remembered to take a couple puffs from my inhaler.   I am hoping the treadmill running will help me increase my pace.  I am slowly increasing it  and even though I know treadmill running doesn't translate precisely into street or path running, my legs are still moving faster.  It's worth a try.

Noon knitting today but it's not the same without Peggy.  We will soldier on.

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