03 July, 2013


I had a wonderful night's sleep last night.  It cooled down a bit and I was able to turn the fan off around midnight.  It was also quiet for a change and I woke up when the alarm went off at 5:50 and got myself downstairs and on the treadmill by 6.  And now I just get through a short day and I have a four day weekend!  Woohoo!  And sunshine for the whole time.  Ahhh .....

One of the (million) chores I did last night was soak and block the Indian Feathers shawl on my kitchen floor with my new blocking mats.  Now I have more than enough blocking mats for any project.  I used every single blocking pin I own to pin this.  Hopefully this weekend I can get the fringe on and start stringing beads.  I got some metal ones and some glass ones.   You can see the small band of cold color at the neck and this same yarn will be used for fringe along with the cream color.  It should be pretty cool.  I am excited to get it done.

I am looking forward to having lots of time and plenty of nothing to do.  I've got books to read and magazines, the fringe to put on this and a BBQ or two.  It should be a wonderful weekend.  McG has decided to have his birthday up here rather than Las Vegas, which is okay by me.  I don't have a place to host a party to it's going to be on somebody else.  And now I can plan a few days to visit my sister in Santa Monica and see her new apartment.  Sometime in August.

Happy Independence Day!  Keep cool.

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