17 July, 2013

Midnight madness

All day yesterday the clouds moved in and sat.  It was very humid and very hot.   It sure looked like thunderstorms to me and sure enough, during the night it did thunder and rain.  Tink heard the thunder first and woke me with a little bark.  But she was under the bed -- I didn't understand why she was barking.  I couldn't hear the thunder at that point and there had been no lightening I could see.  Finally, faintly, I heard it and by that time I had coaxed her out from under the bed and she spent the rest of the night on the bed, even though it was so hot.  It is a little cooler today but by the weekend it's supposed to be in the high 80s.  I should have that thing hooked up by Friday night, Saturday at the latest.

I continue to be pleasantly surprised by my great treadmill runs in the early early morning.  I can only assume it's going to be less pleasant when the mornings are dark and cold, but for now it's lovely and I don't have any trouble with energy.  I love my leisurely cool down walk, as does Tinkerbell.  Her eye is looking really good, but I am going to keep her away from that other dog anyway.  I'm going to a party there on Saturday and Tink is NOT going.  Peaches may be small but she packs a wallop!

Noon knitting without Peggy today.  Today we're going to the 4th floor.  Switching it up.  I got some more good work done on the Mobius Cowl last night.  I wish I liked the colors more but I love love love that yarn!

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