22 July, 2013

Brake happy bus driver

I had quite a load to carry in to work today.  Not only my milk for my tea this week and my oatmeal, plus fruit and yogurt and a big box of Splenda packets.  Yes, that's right.  Splenda packets because the department does not pay for coffee, tea, or anything like that.  It's supposed to be self-sustaining but people do not pay for their coffee or tea or popcorn or ... whatever.  They just take it and the coffee fund has been shrinking and now there's no more money.  I bring my own tea and now I'm bringing my own sweetener as well.    But I digress .... so I'm on the bus, playing on my iPhone and with my purse and tote bag full of food on the seat beside me.  The bus driver slams on the brakes for the billionth time that morning and over goes my bag!  Frozen meals and my apple as well as several packets of oatmeal all slid out of the bag and under seats.  It was very annoying, especially for the woman across from me who had to get my apple from under her seat.

On Friday I went straight to the nail salon after work and then to an early dinner outside at Red Robin.  It's one of the few places close to me where I can take Tink.  Twigs, which is a place I really love and that has a great happy hour menu, isn't a place I can take her because their outdoor dining space has a solid wall rather than a fence.  I need a fence so she can lay by the table while I eat.  She's a good dog and her eye is looking great.

Saturday was a visit to the hair salon, and then out to a BBQ.  The sun finally came out and it was hot!  But it cooled down later and I was able to sit and knit and watch the Mariners (who are on a streak right now).  The Seahawks single game tickets go on sale today at 10 and I am charged with going on line and trying to buy a couple.  I don't have much hope of getting anything but I'll try.  They are going to sell out fast.  It's only three weeks until my birthday and the first preseason game.  I can't wait!!!  My nephew sent out the invitation to the fantasy league Friday and I am getting excited for that.  I am going to be better this year.  Maybe I can even win it!

My morning started out with a great run on the treadmill.  Let's hope the rest of the day goes as well as it started. 

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