16 July, 2013

Good dog!

Sometimes Tink surprises me in a good way, like she did in the middle of the night.  I had been working on my Mobius Cowl.  I have the yarn in a bag on the floor and the project on my lap so that the working yarn is out there between the floor and the couch.  During the evening Tink got wound up in the yarn when she went around the ottoman.   She stood still and let me unwind her without snagging the yarn.  When I went to bed instead of putting my project into the bag with the yarn I put it on the ottoman, leaving the working yarn hanging out in space.  In the middle of the night I heard Tink do a little bark.  It was not like her "I am out of water" bark and she was too far away for it to be an "I want on the bed" bark, so I got up and turned on the light.  There she was, laying patiently waiting for me to come unwind the yarn from her back foot.  Rather than go crazy and pull at my work, which didn't have point protectors on, by the way.  It could have been a disaster!  What a good good dog.

It is hot hot hot and getting hotter today.  The air conditioner is in my apartment and set under the window, but it is not connected.  I will have to wait until the weekend.  I am fine with the fan - mostly comfortable and it's only going to be really hot today.  It'll cool down a bit for the rest of the week - only in the mid-80s.

I've been working on getting a party together for McG's big birthday in August.  I come to find out that his daughter is getting married so he's coming up here August 1 through 14 and then going back to Arizona!  His birthday is the 25th so we were going to have the party on the 24th but, and rightly so, he doesn't want to turn around and come up for the weekend.  So now the plan is for him to extend his stay through the weekend and have the party on the 17th.  This is kind of defeating the purpose because he says the reason he wants to have a party is that he doesn't want to be alone on his birthday.  If he has the party on the 17th ......  Nothing is ever easy with this guy!

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